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Why you should choose CAM as one of your key suppliers in your Supply Chain:
CAM offers you the best value for your mold investment:High Quality + Fast Delivery + Good Price CAM since 1978…  .the optimised solution of "high quality & competitive price" with fast delivery for complex molds / dies.

CAM saves customer's cost by up to 40%.

We ensure you an effective & efficient process and result, thereafter an expected quality performance of the products.
We well utilize advanced CAD/CAE/CAM/CNC/CMM equipments.
Pro/Engineer, Catia,  AutoCad, CadKey, VisiCad, Powershape.One-space-design.
Professional interface cards: SolidWorks, Unigraphics.




Mold flow analysis is available upon request for separated quote.


Cimatron, CamTool, Powermill.


Milling x 30, EDM x 8, Wire EDM x 7, Lathe x 2.
Conventional: Milling x 61, EDM x 35, Lathe x 13, Grinding x 30.


3D Coordinate Measurement Machine - Mitutoyo.
3D Portable Coordinate Measurement - Romer.
Video Measurement System - Carmar.
Profile Projector - Mitutoyo.



Balteau X-Ray - FP17
Spectro Photometer - A260 


Biggest mold size: 20 tons.

Injection machine